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December 28, 2010

So I am currently an Advanced Student Esthetician. In school we use certain products, professional products. We also have a retail area where we direct customers to items that will help their progress until their next treatment. The school I attend happens to be a carrier of Dermalogica products. As a beginner student, we received a kit full of professional sized products from the Ultra Calming line of Dermalogica. This is a great series of products. It is okay to use for all skin types and conditions. As a matter of fact, even if you have acne (and we carry an acne related line) but you tend to be very sensitive to products, I will use most of the Ultra Calming line in a treatment and ADD some elements of the Medibac line. Treating the skin type comes first, THEN treat the skin condition. Anyways....

During a product knowledge class, I came across my new "creamy crack". I love...LOVE...LOOVVEEEE this stuff.

It is the Multi Vitamin Power Firm from the Age Smart line of Dermalogica products. I know what your are thinking.....Age Smart=old people skin. WRONG! This is great as a preventative care, treatment for fine lines already appearing, and helping with some of the deeper lines we get as we age. Recently turning 31, I have a HUGE fear of wrinkles, and I already have a few "crow's feet" at my eye area. My teacher likes to say, "Chrissy, those aren't crow's feet. Those are expression lines." I say: Exactly....wrinkles.

When I first tried this stuff during class I rubbed it on the wrinkly skin on my knuckles. The lines virtually disappeared. Yes....they returned later...but for those few hours it was smoother than a baby's ass. So I bought some for my at home use, and I fell even further in love with it. It is great as a surface treatment to help mask the lines while it helps add the nourishment to the skin you need to slowly make those lines seem more faint as the weeks go on. It starts as a creamy, translucent gel. When it is rubbed into the skin it comes to a powdery gel texture and melts in. I will post some pictures later for those that may want to see the Power Firm in action.

Until then...take care.



December 27, 2010
I will be doing this look. Mhm.....already made up my mind.


December 27, 2010

Me! (: Sorry, it's not like you are actually excited about meeting me...I know. But that is only because you don't know me yet.

My name is Christine (Chrissy for short) and I have been addicted to all things beauty related since I was about 12 years old. That is the age that Cosmo Magazine became my Bible, even if I didn't know half of the stuff they were talking about. I am 30 years old, and I was born and raised In North Carolina. I have done this and that as far as careers have gone, but the one constant has always been freelance make-up artist.

My life took a crazy turn last year, and it spun me into going back to school. I chose to do esthetics (skin care specialist), because while I love makeup, I love caring for the skin and the other components of the Esthetician field. I have found that my favorite skill is waxing....everything! And of course the makeup part.

I have a few issues with procrastination, and follow thru, so there may be a few days that there are NO posts AT ALL. LOL....but that's because school is getting busy with graduation coming up in a few months.

What is this blog going to be about? I'm not quite sure. I kind of feel that the makeup tutorial thing has been so overdone these days that a newcomer on the scene will just be looked at as a, "Oh here SHE goes...." type thing. So I am pretty sure that I will do a few skin care lessons, product reviews (because I have the professional inside look at ingredients and products), makeup hauls, FOTD...LOTD......and so on and so forth.

So, in conclusion I want to say thank you for reading this. Thank you should you decide to follow me. And thank you for being you :D

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